Coronavirus Catch-Up Premium

We are using our Coronavirus Catch-Up Premium of £24,800 to part-fund one extra teacher and one additional TA who work intensively with identified children at risk of falling behind. 

During the first lockdown in March 2020, the school provided remote learning to all pupils. On the full re-opening of schools in September, all children returned to the teacher they had left in March for half a term to undertake an intensive catch-up programme to bring them back in line with age-related expectation. Our internal STAR Test data shows that all children across all classes in KS2 have made excellent progress in the half term since they returned to school. Having caught up, most have moved considerably on from where they were at the point of lockdown. Further disaggregation of the STAR data suggests that this catch-up programme has had the most profound effect on our SEND pupils, who, on average, dropped 76 points between March and September, but have since increased their average score by 122 points. 

During the second lockdown in January 2021, intensive online provision continued with one-to-one provision for SEN pupils and our STAR data continues to show improvement in line with expected standards.

We will will continue to closely monitor those children we deem to be at most risk of falling behind with continuous teacher-based assessments, and half-termly STAR tests.

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