Home-School Contract: SHARE

Home-School Contract: SHARE

All parents new to the school sign our Home School Contract:


SUCCESS: We work together to make sure your child does their very best.


HOMEWORK: If you spend just a little time every day hearing your child read and sharing books you will be delighted with their progress. Junior children will bring home more complex curriculum tasks, and your support and encouragement will make all the difference.


ATTENDANCE: Our best learners come to school every day and come on time! Please make sure your child is in school by 9.00am every day. If they unwell let us know on the same day - a telephone call is fine. Please take your holiday during the school holidays. Please view our Attendance Policy.


RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR: We treat the children with great respect, use lots of praise and encouragement and expect the children to be polite, kind and co-operative at all times. Parents will be informed in the rare event of a serious concern.


EQUALITY: Every member of our school community is dealt with in utmost fairness and equality regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or disability.