In the Early Years, children follow the Numeracy work as specified in the Early Years Foundation Stage programme.

At Key Stage 1, children follow the Abacus scheme of work, beginning with the basics of the four operations and leading on to all other aspects of the National Curriculum that they have to cover. For the full breakdown of the Abacus curriculum for Years 1 and 2, please see  Abacus Years 1 and 2

At Key Stage 2, the children are taught through Freckle Maths from Renaissance Learning, which covers all the objectives that they need to progress safely and securely in their mathematical knowledge. This system allows us to stretch the highest ability ever further in their mathematical knowledge, supports the lower ability through constant practice and permits teachers to forensically examine potential gaps in the children’s knowledge. For a list of the objectives that covered between Years 3 and 6, see  NC AM Objectives. All children are also taught mathematical problem-solving skills from an early age using the CPG 10-minute-a-day Maths Problem Solving books.