Modern Foreign Language

We have selected French as the language to be taught at Sir William Burrough. This is taught by a specialist native French-speaking teacher to all classes in Key Stage Two on a half-termly rolling basis. 

French Progression Map

French Overview


The intent of the Sir William Burrough Modern Foreign Language curriculum, based on Rising Stars French is to provides the children with an outstanding language education which inspires and develops the joy, curiosity and thirst about other languages and cultures. It is designed to help children feel confident engaging in spoken French(by expressing their ideas and thoughts) and develop essential skills in reading, listening and writing. It will equip the children with needed foundations for learning further languages as the children make their transition to secondary school and beyond.


The Rising Stars French language learning consists of 24 units spread across 4 stages. It is organised in a coherent progression of skills and knowledge from years 3-6. The lessons are designed to motivate pupils from the start and have clear achievable core objectives and incorporate a range of fun and creative activities for different learning styles. They stimulate the development of speaking, listening and vocabulary acquisition.

During lessons children will:

  • Learn French vocabulary; (e.g. family, colours, animals, numbers, planets, food, the world around us)
  • Develop the skill of using a bilingual dictionary and reference materials;
  • Manipulate language to speak or write French using their knowledge of features of French grammar including masculine and feminine.
  • Explore patterns and key sounds in French, including graphemes used to represent them, and apply them to speaking, listening and reading aloud.
  • Appreciate and joining in with songs, rhymes, stories and video clips to help reinforce high-frequency words and store them in their long-term memory.
  • Getting involved in creative tasks and assessments to demonstrate learning.
  • Have a deeper understanding of cultural differences and similarities, including French as a world language.


At Sir William Burrough, children will have the opportunity to explore, develop, demonstrate and apply their knowledge of the French language in a variety of contexts and learning experiences and slowly become more fluent speaker of the French language.

 The key impacts will be that the children will:

  • Communicate with each other in French.
  • Share learning with other year groups.
  • Write at varying length using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt.
  • Become aware that a language has structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another.
  • Have a passion for and commitment to the French language, and a real sense of curiosity.
  • Develop their awareness of the French culture and its people.