Health Matters

Medicals and check ups: 

Parents and teachers are entitled to request a medical if they have a special concern. Letters will always be sent to parents prior to a medical, and we like you to attend with your child. Our School Nurse draws up Health Care Plans in consultation with parents and staff for children with long-term medical conditions.


We do not give children medicine in school for short-term illnesses. If your child needs a lunch-time dose, we'll ask you to come to school to administer it, or defer the dose until 3.00pm. Asthma pumps and inhalers can be used in school if authorised by the child's doctor, in accordance with their Healthcare Plan. For those children who require medication as part of their Healthcare Plan, medicines can be administered by staff in school, with parental consent. When this happens, a form will be sent home with the child, detailing dosage and time administered.

Illness and accidents:

If your child has an infectious illness, please let us know as soon as it has been confirmed.If your child becomes ill at school we ask you or a responsible adult to take your child home as soon as possible.If your child has a minor accident in school he/she will be attended to by one of our trained First Aiders.

All accidents are investigated and recorded. We always notify parents if an accident has occurred, especially if there has been a bump on the head. Unfortunately, a more serious accident may occur in school, and it is vital that we can get in touch with a parent or responsible adult as soon as possible, so that the child may be taken to hospital.

It is essential that the school has an up-to-date telephone number where you, a relative or friend may be contacted. If you change your phone number, please tell the office.

View our Medical Policy.