Ofsted Report

We are a Sunday Times top-performing school

Here are the highlights of the Ofsted inspection September 2022, along with the areas that we will be working on:

Ethos and Values:

  • This is a very happy school
  • Pupils feel safe, as staff care for them well Leaders have created a community ethos in which people value each other
  • Pupils learn to celebrate differences, and behave extremely well
  • Staff morale and retention are exceptionally high, with leaders considerate of staff welfare


  • Leaders make sure that pupils achieve very well in English and Maths
  • Pupils become fluent and confident readers and build up a strong vocabulary
  • The English and Maths curriculum is designed with logical progression, ensuring that pupils build up and deepen their knowledge
  • As a result, pupils achieve very well in these subjects

​Early Years Provision:

  • The curriculum for Early Years is well thought through and delivered
  • The children develop secure knowledge across all areas of learning
  • The children in engage in the many activities available with enthusiasm and curiosity
  • The children are diligent, value learning and want to succeed

​Behaviour and Personal Development:

  • Leaders have high expectations, especially for behaviour and personal development
  • Pupils learn to celebrate differences and behave extremely well
  • Staff encourage pupils to develop strong character traits, these include kindness and persistence

​Special Needs:

  • Pupils with special needs and/or disabilities receive the help they need
  • Their needs are identified accurately, and they are supported in class to access the same curriculum as their peers


  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective
  • Leaders and staff know the pupils and their families very well
  • Staff are alert to any concerning signs and changes in behaviours and report concerns even if they appear minor
  • Leaders work and liaise effectively with external agencies to support pupils’ safety and welfare

​Improvements to be made in Science, Geography, History and Art:

  • Leaders should identify and make clear to staff exactly what subject specific knowledge they want pupils to know and by when
  • Leaders should make sure that teachers have the expertise and skills to teach with clarity and precision
  • Teachers should ensure that the delivery of the curriculum enables pupils to embed knowledge in their long-term memories

​We have addressed the issues that Ofsted raised in their report by:

  • Introducing a new curriculum: Cornerstones Curriculum 22, a progressive, knowledge-rich curriculum
  • Subjects are taught as distinct disciplines
  • Coverage and progression are tracked digitally
  • Retention of knowledge gained and retained is regularly tracked


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