You Can Do It

SWB’s You Can Do It programme is a philosophy woven into the lives of the children from the very beginning and travels with them on their journey through the school. You Can Do It is based on the work of Dr Michael E. Bernard, who studied the practices and approaches of hundreds of successful people in a variety of disciplines across the world, looking for common threads in their approach to their work. These were then distilled into child-friendly approaches to learning and life across four strands. These are:

Persistence — a mindset of not giving up when things are hard, but to be always trying and never giving up.

Organisation — the ability to be in the right place at the right time with all the things that you need.

Confidence — a determination that you will be able to do, if not now, then eventually.

Getting Along — the ability to work well with others, respect and listen to their views and to share with kindness and consideration for everyone.

Through the You Can Do It programme, we aim to make children life-long learners, sociable and friendly young people, positive role models for each other and successful adults as their journey continues.

The You Can Do It programme keeps levels of confidence and resilience high, and is also deeply woven into our relationships of respect, kindness, tolerance and courtesy. We expect the highest standards of behaviour at all times, and the children meet — and generally exceed — these expectations. On the rare occasions where behaviour falls below our high standards, our behaviour policy sets out how we respond.