Why Sir William Burrough

Our You Can Do It philosophy

We always have in mind the adults that we are teaching our children to become. Our You Can Do It philosophy of positive behavioural attributes enables children to become into life-long learners, who approach the world and others in a positive and generous way. The calm atmosphere and excellent behaviour that this philosophy generates enhances learning and relationships, growing the children into well-rounded future citizens.

Our 'You can do it' philosophy

Our Culture

Walk into the school and you can feel the atmosphere of care and positivity that is fundamental to our culture. We are a small school where every child is known by name, where every child is cherished and brought to be the best that they can be and where we can genuinely say that we put the children at the centre of everything. We are a happy school, filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of joy.

Our Outcomes

Our end of Key Stage Two outcomes are exceptionally good, with over 90% of the pupils reaching at least the expected standard in Reading, Maths and Grammar and around two-thirds reaching the higher level in Maths and Grammar. As a consequence, we are in the top two hundred schools in the country for our SATs results and within the top ten primary schools in London. Over the last four years that there have been SATs, we have been listed in the Sunday Times best schools list.

Our 2023 SATs results

Our Facilities

The school is housed in a beautiful Victorian building, filled with high ceilings and wide windows. The classrooms and corridors are light and beautifully decorated with children’s work from across the school. The playground is a large space, enhanced with climbing areas, camps and an enclosed specialist sports area. Reception and Nursery have their own private play areas. The school is liberally resourced with ICT provision; there are enough devices for every child to have access at the same time.

Our Extended Offer

We educate the whole child at Sir William Burrough, so there are lots of experiences beyond those in the classroom. There are trips all over London and residential trips further afield, whilst children have the opportunity to do other outdoor activities such as sailing and rock- climbing. Our sports teams and debating team participate in cross-Tower Hamlets and cross- London events, whilst the choir and the dance troupe give many public performances, building the children’s confidence even further. Every child, at the end of their time here, participates in a high-quality Year 6 show as part of their end-of-school experience.

What Our Children Say


“I was surprised by how many choices we were give, in our lunches, in our choice of uniform and everything. The teachers let you be who you want to be.”


Year 5

“I like being at this school because all the teachers are really nice.”


Year 2

“I like Sir William Burrough because it has loads of subjects that we learn.”


Year 2

“When I first came into the school, all of the kids were really supportive and helped me grow.”


Year 6

“I like all the activities and festivals, like the oratory festival and being in the choir.”


Year 5

“I like this school because I can play lots of games and I can see the big children too.”



“The teachers are really supportive and it’s all fun.”


Year 6

“It’s fun and you get to learn a lot and you make so many friends.”


Year 3

“I’ve been here since Nursery and I made my older sister join the school because I loved it so much.”


Year 6

“We love being here because everybody’s really polite.”

Maia and Amiraa

Year 4

“It’s a nice school and all of the teachers are very nice. It’s fun and that’s why I like it here.”


Year 5

“I love this school because all the teachers are kind and caring and I like to play with my friends.”


Year 4

“It’s better than other schools I’ve heard of.”


Year 6

“Learning is fun and learning and play are like the same thing.”


Year 3

“I like the school because all the playground equipment is fun and the teachers make our learning as fun as possible.”


Year 4

“I like this school because I like to do lots of reading and lots of learning.”



“I like SWB because I like answering lots of questions and learn new things.”



“The teachers and TAs make all the education fun and entertaining.”


Year 4

“We love the school because everyone’s kind and learning is so much fun.”

Maryam and Sadie

Year 4

“What I like is the mud kitchen, because I like to make food and drinks there.”



“I love this school because the playgrounds are safe and the TAs are kind and there to help everyone.”


Year 4